GREEN FARM, ISLE OF EDAY, ORKNEY - a pictorial guide to Green Farm and The Ruah - self catering holiday accommodation


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Although just two minutes from the pier, Green Farm is in a very private position, with glorious views over the south of the island. The land at Green has been farmed for at least 200 years and extends to about 150 acres. The land slopes gently to the sea and we are lucky to have about a kilometre of coastline - mainly rocky shore that is great for rock pooling. There is also a bay known locally as the Sands of Green although Stones of Green would be more accurate for a tourist brochure! 


We attempt to raise sheep and chickens on the farm (along with cats and probably two of the most northerly tortoises in the world). We have no experience of farming (apart from attending a one-day course) and so we have discovered  we are better at keeping chickens than sheep.  Consequently we are a registered egg producer and registered egg packing centre. There are no foxes or badgers in Orkney so our chickens are truly free range.


There are a wide variety of habitats on the farm including coastal heath, species rich grassland and a small area of wetland. Ravens nest on the cliffs and we regularly see hen harriers, merlins, kestrels and short-eared owls along with flocks of lapwings, curlews and golden plovers.  Marine life includes otters, seals, basking sharks and if you’re lucky orcas!


There are several derelict crofts on the farm. Stackigeo dates from the late 1800s and is a small traditional stone croft with the addition of a later porch to the front. Sited on the cliff at the southern edge of the farm it’s in a quiet, secluded location and has magnificent sea views. Manseboat is to the east of Stackigeo and has been uninhabited for many years (no roof!) but the outbuildings have been re-roofed and are used for storage. Cairnyquoy is very ruinous and Windywalls on the north-eastern boundary of the farm is also derelict – it’s on the farm’s ‘high ground’ and consequently has spectacular views of the sea both to the north and south.


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